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 Aramis Family Show Class all Champions !!!!: In order
Int, Nat, HnrCH-B, SVCH-G  CH  Char-Ma Aramis Shad Roberson CGC
Int, ComCH, SVCH Amanda Ann Roberson CGC
Int, ComCH, SVCH Byron Adams Roberson CGC
GrCH, CH Int, Nat, HnrCH-B, Ch Kissmit Lynn Roberson TDI CGC CD
Int, ComCH Petrina Star Roberson
IntBA, NatBA,  CH IntCH NatCH Raininer Star of Fire Roberson CGC, NAJ, NA, OAJ, OA
IntBA, NatBA, CH Ranger Roberson

                                                                                   Roberson Boys
INT, NAT, HnrCH-G,  SVCH-G CH Char-Ma Aramis Shad Roberson CGC
AKC Title -  Champion 14 points -  CGC  (Canine Good Citizen Certificate)
IABCA Title - International & Nation Champion
Born - Nov, 18,  2001









                                                  I am a International Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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 (See I Still Got it!!  At age 13!!!) National Champion

                                           Aramis got his Gold Championship! 14 Years old!!!


                         Here he is at almost 15 years old! Still Showing and Wining!!!

Aramis and Kylie at the Show

Int, ComCH  SVCH Byron Adams Roberson CGC
AKC Title - CGC  (Canine Good Citizen Certificate)
IABCA Title -  International Champion
Born - Aug. 12, 2004







Pictures of Amanda 12years old & Byron 10years old at the show.



Gael Vision Sen Vysociny CGC
AKC Title - CGC  (Canine Good Citizen Certificate)
Born - June 24, 2005

Glimbi's Chico V Izsha CGC  (Ethan)
DKK Title - 1st in Puppy Class  (Shown in Denmark)
AKC Title -
Champion 4 points -  CGC  (Canine Good Citizen Certificate)
IABCA Title - (1 more VI he is a Champion)
Born - Dec. 4, 2011




IntBA, NatJR CH IntCH NatCH Z'Air Wind Talker Roberson CGCA
AKC Title - Champion 2 points -